What is GNH Leadership?

GNH Leadership is an advanced and exclusive platform that cultivates paradigm shifters, transformative visionary leaders and emerging visions. Our one year multidimensional program is based on the profound principles of GNH combined with other holistic methods and a global mindset. By recommendation from GNH Center in Bhutan, the primary methods are GNH in combination with Theory U and Mindfulness. The purpose is to support visionary leaders in their process for transforming projects/worklife context, society and self.

How is the program constructed?

The program has 9 modules divided into three blocks:

  • individual (ego)
  • context (etno)
  • global (eco)

These 9 modules and blocks are not separately sequential, but rather they include and transcend each other. The first three modules include knowledge of the nine dimensions of GNH, the following three will integrate them into the context and the last two will widen, spread and reflect on the process and also celebrate. The ninth module will be intertwined in between the modules. Each of the three blocks have these same basic aspects as the whole:

  • based on holistic co-creation and shared value
  • always starting in dialogue with nature
  • always ending with existential reflection
  •  including all 9 dimensions of GNH
  •  involving a transforming process
  • being”rainbowy”, i.e multi-dimensional, naturally embracing complexity

How do I contribute as a participant?

Every participant will bring their ”seed” into the process. The seed is equal to an intention that is planted from the start in the shape of a project of some kind. This could be a specific project in your context, at your workplace or in your life. A global one or a very microscopic one, that is not important as long as you are committed to it and wish to allow it to transform within the frame of co-creation. Those who do not have such a project already defined, will be supported in clarifying this.

What is my outcome?
The outcome of a transformative process is by definition unknown. However, the program will give you all the conditions you need to leverage your project/worklife, your context and yourself into a whole new level of awareness. This will make your life, your relations, contexts and assignments so much more easy and naturally harmonious. What seemed difficult and overly complex at start, will at the end of the program seem self evident and easy to embrace. When you reflect and look back at the end of the year you and your whole context  will be transformed and released from so many unnecessary burdens, leaving you so much more present, free and peaceful.


MODULE 1: 9-11 march

Theme: ”ouverture”

GNH Dimensions in focus

  • natural wisdom
  • inner wellbeing
  • time use

Purpose of module 1 is safety by:
1. clarity around GNH in general and the dimensions in focus in particular
2. tasting the atmosphere of the garden
3. creating trust and safety in the group


MODULE 2: 26-28 april 

Theme: ”planting the seeds”

GNH Dimensions in focus:

  • good governance
  • participation
  • diversity

Purpose of module 2 is integration by:

  1. deeper knowledge about GNH in general and the dimensions in focus in particular
  2. integrating seeds, soil and context
  3. creating strategies for impact


MODULE 3: 31 may-1 june

Theme: ”transformation” 

GNH Dimensions in focus:

  • development/learning
  • living standard
  • health

Purpose of module 3 is transformation by:
1. deeper knowledge about GNH in general and the dimensions in focus in particular
2. holistic transformation
3. deepening wisdom, compassion and skills



MODULE 4: 30 aug-1 sep

Theme: ”crystallizing”

Aspects in focus:

  • GNH Leadership
  • Awareness of patterns
  • Empowerment

Purpose of module 5 is new patterns by:

  1. experience of the dimensions in focus
  2. empowering new patterns for leadership


MODULE 5: 18-20 oct

Theme: ”multidimensional dance”

Aspects in focus:

  • integrating patterns
  • holistic mandala formation

Purpose of module 6 is holistic dance by:

  1. experience of the dimensions in focus
  2. supporting multidimensional creativity


MODULE 6: nov

Theme: ”visionary leadership”

Aspects in focus:

  • harvest
  • emerging vision

Purpose of module 7 is vision by:

  1. experience of the dimensions in focus
  2. integrating all seasons and plants


Theme: ”global journey”

Aspects in focus:

  • abundance
  • awareness
  • wisdom & compassion

Purpose of module 7 is completeness. During this module we all make a global journey. Some will go tho Bhutan, some will do the journey in other ways.


Theme: ”celebration”

GNH Dimensions in focus:

  • reflections
  • celebration

Purpose of module 8 is celebration. During this last module we will celebrate and keep open for multidimensional reflections on the program and process as a whole, thus preparing seeds for next season.


Between all modules you will be invited to the following:

  1. self organized support groups
  2. individual coaching
  3. webinars & e-learning
  4. international discussion networks



On a horisontal level, the program is based on the nine dimensions of GNH, that will be passed through during the spiraling process. On a vertical level, the program is based on the understanding of awareness as something that may be tranformed or expanded into new levels that include and transcend the former. Methods for understanding and developing this kind of complexity are mainly Theory U, meditation/mindfulness and integral theory in combination with practical projects. The process is therefore multidimensional, complex and dynamic. It is best described in the form of a spiral mandala, continuously moving upwards.

Mandala Animation by Gustaf Ullman