GNH Leadership CoP Wizard Team

GNH Leadership Community of Practice is cultivated and gardened by a team of ”wizards”. By that we mean that this team has a certain focus on wise transformation. We are not necessarily more brilliant than you, but our function is to care for the process in different ways, by keeping the Community soil fresh with fertile methods. All of us – all participants – contribute and co-create the garden to an extent, but these wizards will ensure the quality of the process. When you feel ready and have something specific to offer, you are also welcome into the team, either as a facilitators of a certain, well defined subject, or as a coach. Or something else that emerges from our process. We have chosen to use these ’titles’ just now, to create more clarity, but in the process we will all learn from and support each other. So welcome to use our knowledge and support and be inspired to offer yours. Welcome to the GNH Garden!

Our GNH facilitators Marianne, Berit, Anastasia & Anna!

Facilitators are those of us who wish to offer certain knowledge or skills and/or being responsible for the process. From Marianne you will learn creativity, from Berit body intelligence, from Anastasia project mindsets and from Anna you will learn about wisdom and compassion, the deeper aspects of GNH.

Marianne Lagercrantz

CoP Deep Creativity

Marianne is our CoP deep creativity facilitator. She will help you find, express and manifest your deeper patterns. She will bring out the artist within you.Read more about Marianne here.

Berit Hague

CoP Body Intelligence

Berit is our body intelligence facilitator. She will bring out the wisdom of your body via dance and movement, breathing exercises or yoga.
Read more about Berit here.

Anastasia Nekrasova

CoP Mindsets and Projects

Anastasia is our CoP mindset & project facilitator. She will help you define your project and give you practical teaching. Read more about Anastasia & contact her here.

Anna Rosengren

CoP Wisdom and Compassion

Anna will guide you into the deeper aspects of GNH: wisdom and compassion. Anna is the main GNH Leadership CoP program designer and gardener. Read more and contact Anna here.