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to the new narrative


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This course is structured almost like a book. There are chapters and sections. Following this structure will give you the best understanding of and overview. At the end of the course there will be some questions for you to answer, to see what you learned and to get feedback on your insights.

After each section we will have a Zoom meeting where we share and/or discuss the learnings and insights we had. Your will also get to do journaling exercises during and between the meetings. We therefore recommend you to make sure you have a Zoom account (it is free of charge) as well as a notebook and a pen.

The structure is as follows:


  • This is how the course works
  • Structure
  • Our deal

What is the course about?

  • A new narrative
  • Global Self-harm
  • Twelve steps for healing
  • GNH and our basic principles
  • Making a U-turn
  • Writing a new story

 Twelve steps into a new narrative

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5
  • Step 6
  • Step 7
  • Step 8
  • Step 9
  • Step 10
  • Step 11
  • Step 12

Traditions & networks

  • The twelve traditions
  • Conscious networking

Levels of system change

  • Individual
  • Group & society
  • Planet

We n

  • Leadership for systemic change
  • Wise decision making 
  • Adult development/mindsets

Integral and Holistic Business Development


With integral and holistic business development we mean that the development is balanced, and both including and transcending what is. It includes all aspects of the current situation, while expanding and lifting it to the next level. It is also about our inner as well as our outer world, as individuals as well as a group.

The integral approach generates solutions that acknowledges and incorporates all important factors and aspects in life: technology as well as meditation, efficiency as well as emotional intelligence, corporate culture and behavioral modification. The approach is therefore truly balanced and holistic.


Solutions for worklife and business organizations. 


Solutions for society and multi-stakeholder dialogue.


Solutions for individual managers, key figures and influencers.

The Framework

Our framework for leadership and wellbeing is based on a set of values we call Global Natural Harmony. It is just now mainly inspired by the profound principles of GNH, Gross National Happiness, a model for measuring and sustaining wellbeing. This model suggests  a holistic approach, with nine dimensions that can be used to balance and transform society, business and self. GNH originates from Bhutan, where it influences the whole governance of the country. However, our version of the model is adjusted to the Western context and to the Global Goals that we of course also embrace and include, but also in some ways  transcend. We also work with many other models for wellbeing that support the same values, such as The Life Standard Framework of New Zealand and Human Scale Development created by Manfred Max-Neef. Whatever model we use will always be adjusted and transformed in every new leadership setting – with your help!


Our Team

Jani Saarisivu


Jani is our CEO and action designer. He is experienced in business development and full of energetic focus. His strength is bringing teams together, while making things happen in alignment with an inner compass. Email

Anna Rosengren


Anna is our founder and senior advisor. She is a theologian and a leadership consultant. Her strength is expanding awareness and deepening reflection, while designing processes for system change. Email