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A new narrative

We need a new narrative for our world. 


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“We know what to do. What we need now is good leadership.”
(Greta Thunberg)

We need a new narrative for our world – and you are co-author! The old system is breaking down and we are in the midst of a huge transformation. Our new narrative will necessarily be life-affirming, about ecological, social and existential reconnection and healing. The changes needed will only come in alignment with capabilities in certain areas. We are supporting this transformation, focusing on:

  • Tools for transformation
  • Wise decision making 
  • Adult development/mindsets


Leadership for transformation of worklife and business organizations.


Leadership for global wellbeing, society and multi-stakeholder dialogue.


Leadership for individual managers, for key figures and influencers.

Integral & Holistic Leadership

With integral and holistic leadership we mean that it is balanced and includes all aspects of the current situation, while expanding and lifting it to the next level. With more overview and perspective, transformation is easier and more sustainable.  This is as true about our inner world as about our outer world, about us as individuals as well as about us as a collective.
The integral approach generates solutions that acknowledge and incorporate all important factors and aspects in life: technology as well as meditation, business efficiency as well as emotional intelligence, corporate culture and behavioral modification. The approach is therefore truly balanced and holistic.