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A Sustainable Start

invitation to the new narrative


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“A 9 months pregnancy process for the new narrative.”

A Sustainable Start – the new narrative

It is time for a new narrative about who we are and what we want to be as individuals and society. We are in the midst of a system change. The old story, based on competition, consumption and economic growth beyond Earth´s capacity, is dying. Our new narrative is about ecological, social and existential healing. It is about wellbeing.

Our invitation
During 2019/2020 ABLE Foundation offered ”A sustainable Start”, a series of breakfast seminars based on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Now the plan is to connect the seminars to a deeper and more elaborated process in collaboration with GNH Sweden and GNH Leadership. GNH is a model for balanced resilience and wellbeing that strengthens our new narrative. Step by step, in different groups all over Sweden, we will enlighten and deepen the Goals to see how we may live well as individuals, organizations, regions and planet. Welcome to participate or lead a group. This is how we will weave the new narrative together. Come join us!


Leadership for transformation of worklife and business organizations.


Leadership for global wellbeing, society and multi-stakeholder dialogue.


Leadership for individual managers, for key figures and influencers.

Integral & Holistic Leadership

With integral and holistic leadership we mean that it is balanced and includes all aspects of the current situation, while expanding and lifting it to the next level. With more overview and perspective, transformation is easier and more sustainable.  This is as true about our inner world as about our outer world, about us as individuals as well as about us as a collective.
The integral approach generates solutions that acknowledge and incorporate all important factors and aspects in life: technology as well as meditation, business efficiency as well as emotional intelligence, corporate culture and behavioral modification. The approach is therefore truly balanced and holistic.