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What we do

Acupuncture points for wellbeing and wise decisions.


9 acupuncture points

Do you wish to contribute to the new narrative?

You can do this by cultivating wellbeing and balance for your organization, your region – or yourself.
We will help you step by step. Let us start where it hurts or where you see the greatest potential for wise decisions to grow. For example in your policy or your core values, citizen dialogue or  team development, diversity, collaboration or trust, personal development, civil courage or mindset and awareness,  governance, leadership, self-organiztion or co-leadership,  sustainability strategy, nature rights or social responsibility. We will help you prioritize and design your path, then we may start the healing journey together.

Case Studies

These are some examples of how we have helped others. Let it inspire you to see how we may help you and/or your context. There are of course many alternative journeys we could co-create with you, around wellbeing for business, society and self. 
What would be your idea of a starting point?

Next Generation Values & Vision

One of our contacts wished to transform the core values and the vision of his organization. He wanted it to be more in alignment with the new narrative of wellbeing. So we started a process that completely shifted, not only the values and vision, but also the whole system of collaboration, production and business area. 

Sustainable decisions

We were contacted by a management group, where the CEO was worried about the decision process. They asked for our help in ensuring trust and sustainability in their board meetings. We gave them this, and much more, since their ethical compass shifted and expanded into a holistic understanding that included all perspectives.

Multi-stakeholder Projects

In a region we were asked to lead a multi-stakeholder dialogue based on the new narrative. It turned out as a large society transforming project, that we helped designing and leading. The ideas spread to other regions, who were inspired and started similar projects, that we then integrated.

First Aid for Self Organizers

A large hospital wanted to introduce self organization inspired by  the new narrative and its potential for efficiency. But there was a lot of conflict. We helped them realize that the teams were not ready. Instead we designed a step by step process for them to develop the mindsets and maturity of the organization in order to transform in a more sustainable way.

Integrating Teams

One transport organization had some trouble integrating teams and departments. They seemed to be their own little units with little or no interaction or loyalty to the larger view. Our contribution led to a new mindset, trust and understanding of what was really important for each and for all. Instead of competition and resistance, there was now radical collaboration.

Integral Coaching for Influencers

A sustainability specialist with self doubts  decided to invest time in deep integral coaching. She turned out discovering completely new ways of working, new contexts and supporting networks. As a result her mindset shifted and she became a powerful guide for wise decisions at the government level.